A downloadable game

This is a demo of my up and coming multi-user game engine, Pymug (Python multi-user game). The game is not very engaging, as I ran out of time for the actual game in this jam after building the engine it's built on. The game server source you'll be playing on can be found here on its own GitHub page.

Game client can be acquired from its GitHub page or from this page. Currently, I can't get the Pyinstaller compiled executables to work, so you the reader are forced to run it from the python interpreter:

python gameclient.py

Run "help" to see supported commands (login and register are the only valid commands until you're logged in).


(requires Python 3.6, 3.5 might work but 3.4 won't due to use of starred expressions, as well as pygame)


Pymug-master.zip 21 kB