A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Flower Garden Clicker 0.1 was made in a weekend as a first Love2d project for the Unconventional Incremental Game Jam. The theme was to make an idle clicker with a twist of some kind. The twist here is you can actually click too much (over watered plants die as fast as under watered plants), and not everything is good to click (weeds occupy valuable space flowers could be using).

Future work, if done, will be along the following lines:

  • Adding a current weather component that directly affects the rate at which the ground dries
  • Increased variety of flowers and weeds
  • Better images all around (sorry, single dev making stuff in GiMP and using Pixabay)

Thanks to Pixabay for plant images, and FreeSound for the sound effect! All assets are in the Creative Commons, but I'm attributing anyway because I was greatly appreciative someone did the work I could not:

Install instructions

The Windows and OS X downloads are straightforward (.exe and .app respectively).

The Linux download is the .love game file. You can run this by providing this file as the only command line parameter to LOVE2D. I figured this would be easier than trying to build executables for a variety of Linux distros.

The source code is available by downloading the .love file. It is simply a renamed .zip of the project, including all assets and source code. This project's code is open-source licensed, so check the license before modifying.


FlowerGardenClicker_OSX.zip 5 MB
FlowerGardenClicker_Win32.zip 4 MB
GardenClicker.love 1 MB


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Wow I need a better graphic card on this computer XD

Hmm, more likely it's my game's fault. In testing, I knew its frame rate wasn't great in certain circumstances (depends on screen resolution as it has to scale image assets on the fly), which I should be coding around but haven't.