Second Update!

I uploaded the first version of the game to ensure I'd be ashamed enough of it to return and spruce it up before the jam ends. Sure enough, I did just that!

This version sports improved graphics with three different shades of grass, more detailed flowers, and two varieties of berry bush.

Additionally, I replaced the OpenSimplex noise generator with one of my own design. It is slower and less refined, but it is my own, and for me that's half the fun :) There are now six unique terrains with different mud and food supplies, along with flower combinations and grass shades. If you find one run through too hard or boring, hit "N" and try another!

I still don't have any sound effects. There's something wrong with my pygame install, and I'm struggling to get my pygame.mixer to initialize. Hopefully I can get something working before the jam ends, and silent eating and mud sloshing is just kinda sad.


RunEatLive.exe 7 MB
Aug 14, 2017 11 MB
Aug 14, 2017

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