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Run, Eat Live challenges you to run as far as you can, and eat all the berries you need to keep running! Try to get your distance counter as high as you can before your smile gives way to a lethal frown.

About this game:
This is my entry for the LOWREZJAM 2017 game jam. The theme of the game jam is having a 64x64 effective game resolution. I took this one step further and enforced a 64 color palette (6-bit color, rrggbb).

The object of the game is to make it as far as you can. Run your character up the screen through procedurally generated scenery, eating berries as you go. Avoid the mud pits if you don't want to get stuck! Be sure your smile doesn't droop with hunger... if you get too hungry, you'll die! Your score is recorded by how many blocks away from the start point you die.

Movement is done with arrow keys
Hit "N" to start a new random run
Hit "R" to restart the same run
Hit "Q" to quit the game

Features I might add before the jam ends:
Sounds while eating, dying, getting stuck in mud
Command to save screenshot of game (for showing high score)


RunEatLive.exe 7 MB
RunEatLive_OSX.zip 11 MB

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