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A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Triad Chord Collector is my submission to the Music Game Jam and the Simple Tools Jam, to support the idea of using simple tools! I used GiMP, pygame, and TextMate to make this game.

You are given a Solitaire-like layout of cards. You can choose to play your cards in any order, but are awarded points when the last three cards in order form a chord. For this game, the following are valid chords: major, minor, augmented, and diminished. This gives you 48 chords to make! Scoring rewards a variety of chords, rather than many of one type.

This is a rather simple puzzle game, so I don't have many plans for improvements. However, here are some things on my potential TODO list:

  • Toggle between fullscreen and windowed mode
  • Optimize chord sound generation
  • Optimize game launch
  • Play back all chords in order at game end, just for kicks


TriadChordCollector.exe (7 MB)
Triad Chord (12 MB)

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